According to the Wiki, the zettelkasten (German: “slip box”, plural zettelkästen) is a system of note-taking and personal knowledge management used in research and study.

Necessary Elements

  • Inbox - a note in this zettelkasten 20220523160050 Inbox
  • A reference manager - Zotero
  • The zettelkasten




  • Zettlr - This is the editor I’m using as of 20220524 for most of my note taking and writing. It has a good mix of power features for zettelkasten systems, but it actually has a clean interface for writing that makes me want to actually write instead of muck around in a tool, or be distracted by an overly bloated code editor.
  • Zotero - A reference manager. A must have to help a system work.

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