Writing Ideas

  • 20220629112843 Transgender Portal - lots of writing specific to my trans experiences here
  • Writing prompts and notes from stuff that shakes out of documents folder, gdrive, onedrive, etc… rando files
  • jekyll junk
  • Oklahoma - one of many that could be written: 20220628222758 Oklahoma: The Bad, The Ugly, and the White Supremacist Christofascist State and Federal Government Coming to You!
  • Seattle
  • Magic
  • IFS
  • mental health
  • healing
  • trauma
  • Christianity
  • Animism
  • Seattle as Berlin
  • We were couped. What now?
  • The choice to emigrate
  • The GOP is a terrorist organization
  • Christian Nationalism
  • Christofascism
  • the only sex I can have is sodomy

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