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  • 20220628222800 Transgender Survival and the Closet
  • 20220628222754 A Political Refuge of a Red State
  • 20220628222752 The Challenges of Being a Visibly Transgender Woman
  • 20220628222748 Visibility and Transgender Liberation: Visibility is Never Enough
  • 20220628222747 Outcast: The Normative Personal Apocalypse of a Transgender Coming Out
  • 20220628222745 A Transgender Woman Undercover
  • 20220628222743 Further Perspectives From an Undercover Transgender Shapeshifter
  • 20220628222741 My Obligatory Transgender Life Story
  • 20220628222739 Disassociation and the Closet
  • 20220628222737 Experiences with Suicidality as a Result of Cisgender Oppression
  • 20220628222735 How Not to Employ Transgender People: My Experiences with Workplace Harassment, Hiring, and Employment Discrimination
  • 20220628222731 Seattle: My Last Best Hope as a Transgender Woman in the United States


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  • HRT
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